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Re: Debian is slower than time (was: adrian's 2.4.x packages)

also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2002.02.01.0246 +0100]:
> Especially considering martin applied just a week ago, and only got an
> advocate the other day. It seems a bit premature to already be bitching
> about how horribly long all this takes.

how come people don't read the thread before posting to individual
messages. it's *not* *me* that i worry about, please don't read my
post as bitching about my account. it was more about the general feel
of seeing large numbers in length of waiting queues. but i guess that
there's enough reason for it - quality assurance as well as shortage
of time and manpower.

i am sorry if this appeared as bitching. my motivation was that we
need help help help with woody, and IMHO, people want to be developers
first to help. i do see how it's good to not have the developer
application process be a process that lasts a minimal number of days.

i've had my debian developer signatures for the better part of 3/4 of
a year, i've had a package more or less ready to go for about
6 months, i've had a sponsor and advocate for 6 months, but i haven't
really felt the need to be a developer. nevertheless, i was very
active for debian at all times.

now i wanted adrian's 2.4 packages, and i signed other people's keys
who thought i was a developer already, but whom i had to tell no. now
that person is in the queue with nothing but my key, and i feel awful
about it.

oh well, i am just talking. let's close this thread. diregard my
bitching if you will, or penalize my application for my bitching,
okay? i have learnt my lesson.

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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