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Re: Trying to fix slang

Jim Mintha <jim@ic.uva.nl> cum veritate scripsit:

> libslang.so.1-UTF8 is a terrible soname.  

Er... soname just has to be something unique. There's nothing 
terrible about that. :P

> Why not just have
> libslang-utf8.so.1?

That might be fine, so that people can install libslang-utf8-dev
and libslang-dev alongside with each other.
Although people will need to ensure to define or not define
-DUTF8 properly, and link -lslang-utf8 when needed, 
people will be able to build utf8 and non-utf8 versions from
the same source, which might help newt and nano and other apps.

But that would involve a bit more playing.

I thought about a possibility of something like 
libslang-altdev, which contains:

/usr/include/slang.h  (for UTF8 or not, changes behavior on symbol definition)

/usr/lib/libslang.so -> /lib/libslang.so.1
/usr/lib/libslang-utf.so -> /lib/libslang.so.1-UTF8


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