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Re: State of debianutils

On 30 Jan 2002, Guy Maor wrote:

> Matt and Christophe, I don't think non-essential programs belong in
> debianutils.  Maybe your scripts could all be put into an optional
> useful-debian-scripts package?

Speaking of useful base scripts, I have one that is a generic template
generator.  It reads a .d style directory, and combines the files there
in(with optional header/footer support), into a single output file.

Additionally, each fragment file can be conditionally included/excluded, and
the output file is only put in place if it has changed from the last run.

I wrote this to be generic, and to be used by debian packages that need these
features.  More and more packages are started to move to .d style config file
handling, so I thought this would be a helpful script.  debianutils is the
logical place for it to go.

So, my question is, are you interested in adding new scripts to the package at
this time?

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