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Re: woody: Remaining RC bugs in base system

On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 03:11:25PM -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 04:01:48PM -0500, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > If the bug is RC, the package will not enter testing until it is fixed, no?
> > Anyway, the new layout gives me the information that I wanted, so thanks.
> That depends.  If a package has 3 open RC bugs, one tagged sid and two 
> present in woody, then a package that fixes the other two RC bugs will 
> pass through the testing scripts because the new package has fewer RCs 
> than the old package.

Yes, true...hmm.  This makes the sid tag rather dangerous to use, then,
doesn't it?  In order for it to be accurate, it would have to be cleared
from all bugs against a package whenever a version entered woody from sid.

 - mdz

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