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Re: Debian Password Manager

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 05:44:35PM -0200, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> On 29 Jan 2002 11:25:34 -0500
> Scott Henson <shenson2@wvu.edu> wrote:
> > The Dedian Password Manager is coming to the point where we are going to
> > start developing it.  Now we would like a general consensus on the name
> > for it since we need to name the bianary and other things.  Currently it
> > is at dpasman.sf.net  We are looking for sujestions and advice. 
> > Thankyou for any help.
> the webpage has nothing... what's this all about? I don't remember
> reading about this on -devel, any reference?

 You should search for gpasman.

 The main idea is protecting a password database with a master password,
 so you only have to remember one password.

 We just started too days ago, so there is nothing but a messy notes
 file with some brain storming (which I just uploaded to http://dpasman.sf.net)

 Take a look at:

 We like the idea behind gpasman, but the implementation is completly
 broken and we don't like it. So we are planning to make a replacement
 from the ground up. Not only to replace gpasman but also providing a
 software interface so other programs like galeon can use it as a
 secure password manager.

 We have to give it a name and decided to ask for opinions over here.
 Scott at first thought of dpasman but Pete suggested dpassman, the fact
 is that the acount at SourceForge is named dpasman and the web page

 We are open to suggestion, Scott just set up a mailing list at
 sourceforce: dpasman-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

 Thanks for your time

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