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Re: SPAM vs. open list

I agree that selected moderation is a good tool for catching and denying
spam.  It would be interesting to see a statistic of posts from list
members v.s. non-list members.  Likewise, it may be better to moderate
by procmail scoring[1].  I believe the junkfilter[2] package uses something
like that.  You can incorperate other netiquitte "rules" that
way as well, such as flagging email if the SIGNAL:LINE is ratio is high.

    * -15^0
    * 2^1 ^>.*$
    * -1^1 ^[^>].*$
    | formail -I "X-NoisyScore: $="

1. See also: procmailsc(5)
2. http://packages.debian.org/junkfilter

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