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Re: WTF is with dhcp?

>> This reminds me, it would be nice if there was some tag/virtual package
>> that provides a "dhcp-client"

> There is already a dhcp-client. I use it as it's much less buggy than pump.
> dhcp is the server.

Different people will have different opinions about dhclient, pump, udhcpc,
and dhcpcd (not packaged anymore, IIRC). I also think it would be a good
idea to have a dhcp-client virtual package -- and dhcp-server, too.
After all, "apt-cache search dhcp server" yields bootp, dhcp, udhcpd,
all of them being dhcp servers. Most of us want ISC dhcpd (package "dhcp"),
but after all, most of us want apache, and we have a "httpd" virtual package.

Jerome Petazzoni <skaya at enix dot org>
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