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Re: Potato to Woody dist-upgrade problems

Previously Dale Scheetz wrote:
> What! You mean there's something that dselect can do that apt-get can't ;-)

Yes, because they are written for diffferent purposes and do different
things.. apt-get ignores recommends which are quite essential on such
upgrades since a bunch of package got split up and you will find
yourself suddenly missings things.

> Seriously, as many people, myself included, like the command line
> simplicity of apt-get dist-upgrade, and there are other tools that seem to
> get it right, it seems the better part of valor is to fix apt-get so it
> works as well as possible...

apt-get was written as a simple commandline tool to libapt, not as the
ultimate way to handle complex situations for which you need an
interactive UI to make some choices. That's also why it does not
bother with Recommends or Suggests.

What you want is dselect or any other frontend (aptitude, deity,
gnome-apt, etc.).


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