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Re: How to autobuild with CPU optimization

On 20 Jan 2002, Mikael Hedin wrote:

> Hello!

Hi Mikael!

> I've put a new version of ogle in incoming.  Itäll build plain
> packages on all archs, but on i386, ppc and sparc, it will also build
> packages with arch sprcific optimization.  How do I get the
> autobuilders to do this?  Or do I have to get someone with a sparc to
> build it manually?

Your package builds exactly as defined in debian/rules, the autobuilders
do simply a "dpkg-buildpackage -B" and if anything else is needed to get
the arch sprcific optimization right it's a bug in the package.

BTW: s/ppc/powerpc/ in the architecture line of debian/control and in
     debian/rules ...

> TIA,
> Micce


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