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Re: Mobile Debian

On 19-Jan-2002 Josh Hansen wrote:
> I am curious if there is any current plan for a "mobile edition" of the
> debian 
> distribution, for use on handhelds like the iPAQ etc.? As more apps become 
> handheld-accessible, such as Qtopia, embedded versions of GTk, and 
> lightweight windowing systems, I'd love to see the advantages of the Debian 
> package system brought to handheld devices as well.
> Of course, proposing more to work on isn't what everybody here wants to hear.
> I just wanted to know what everyone's thoughts on the idea are.

Debian has been used as a basis for the iPaq's linux distribution.  However it
is not designed for handlhelds so they changed a whole lot.  Even use a
different (but very very similar) packaging format.

Debian can not be all things to all people.

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