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Re: squirrelmail: apache/php and register_globals

also sprach Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> [2002.01.11.1427 +0100]:
> Yes, there appears to be a serious bug in this thing all-right.
> I just went to the system I have working, and tried to find out what is
> happening there (where it works).

it's quite bad. especially the fact that a global register_globals On
will be overriden and set to Off if i specify

  php_value register_globals On

in the httpd.conf file.

so is this a bug against php4 or apache? php4 i'd say...

what about e.g. bug #127574, which is clearly dependent on this (i
think)? how would i go and merge this with my newly filed (fictional)
bug #999999? or should i let the squirrelmail maintainer do that? i
figure that if i am sure this is right, it doesn't hurt to be doing bugu
merging myself, even if the package is not right, and debian-devel is
CCd, right?

> php.ini register_globals is on (urk). This is not enough to get squirrelmail
> to work (bug in php4.1). I also have dconf setting it to On on all
> squirrelmail directories, and THAT managed to get it to "on".

i couldn't even get that to work. i have it set to on for
/usr/share/squirrelmail and /usr/share/squirrelmail/src, and then i
simply placed a test file in each directory, giving me only phpinfo(),
and in both cases, phpinfo() lists it as globally On, but locally Off?

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