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squirrelmail: apache/php and register_globals

i know that this should probably go upstream or to the apache mailing
list(s), but spare me the time and trouble, i consider it more important
to report it at least somewhere... and maybe this is just

i upgraded to squirrelmail 1.2.2 with the .deb package from the
webpage[1] (had 1.2.0rc2 from woody before), and suddenly i couldn't log
back in. the FAQ said (a) cookie problem, or (b) register_globals not
set to On in php.ini. (a) wasn't the case, i have no problems with
cookies (sometimes just ones without, the mungeable i mean...), so i
decided it must be (b).

further search lead me to reconfigure my apacheconfig to

Alias /squirrelmail /usr/share/squirrelmail
<Directory /usr/share/squirrelmail>
  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
  php_value register_globals On

as in: i re-added the php_value statement (which wasn't in the
apache.conf file for 1.2.2, but which *was* present in the 1.2.0rc2
release from woody). my global php.ini register_globals is, of course,
off, as it should be!

but it still didn't work. so i got a little personal with the
squirrelmail PHP scripts and discovered the following:

the php.ini setting works perfectly, *unless* you try to override it, in
which case it will *always* and *automatically*, without warning, and
without futher ado, turn itself off by the time that the first actual
script is parsed. this should not be, i find.

is this known? i did a quick check on google and bugs.debian.org, but i
couldn't find this reported... maybe it's related to #128226, but my
research indicates a deeper problem. #128226 states that
register_globals ought to be on for each and every subdirectory that
uses PHP files, not just the main one, but even in the main directory,
phpinfo(INFO_CONFIGURATION) confirmed what i found.

should i report another bug?

  1. http://squirrelmail.org

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