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Re: Question about dead-keys

> > I need to compose characters rather infrequently. Can you have a real
> > "compose" key? That would seem to me to be nicer.
> > 
> You can, but I guess there are not so many keymaps (either console or X).
> You can invoke one of them I found (in X) like this:
> setxkbmap us -option pc104compose
> and then you have compose key on right window key
> (and use <compose>a' to produce a with acute accent etc...)

You can also bind the compose key (Multi_key) with modmap. For
instance, I have the pc102 keymap and the following in ~/.xsession,
binding compose to caps lock:

xmodmap -e 'clear lock' -e 'keysym Caps_Lock = Multi_key'


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