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bug with kernel compilation

It appears that when I previously posted
I may have been less delusional than it first appeared; I've just had
someone else asking whether I know of a workaround, as they're having
the same problem.

I was using --flavour at the time. I'm not yet sure whether they are.

I'm not entirely sure how the kernel-package stuff is supposed to work,
but my *guess* is that the debian/rules in the kernel source directory is
not getting updated from one provided by the kernel-package package.

I'm not able to investigate further, as the machine in question has been
reinstalled after an experiment with a dodgy SCSI card caused serious

I guess it could be a bug in upgrading kernel-package, or even a bug in a
previous version of kernel-package that's now been fixed.

Anyway, it appears that this is a real (as opposed to imaginary) problem;
I just don't know whether it's dpkg, kernel-package, kernel-source-*, or
"something else" that causes it.

Clues? Suggested actions (e.g. bug-filing, but against what? / suggest that
the guy who contacted me contacts Manoj? / whatever?), if any?


Nick Phillips -- nwp@lemon-computing.com
Look afar and see the end from the beginning.

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