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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Current practice is to use /opt for external projects, and it is impossible
> to detect conflicts between Debian packages and external prrojects.

I certainly agree with this.  An example might be the default installation of
oracle or another third party vendor.  Personally, I consider /opt the dumping
grounds of software vendors that do not allow me, the sysadmin/user, access to
the files through anything but their fancy installation scripts.  Many of these
scripts are difficult to customize.  It's far easier to just dump the software
in /opt and sort it out later with symlinks to /opt/{bin,man,doc}.

I really don't consider the above situation appropriate for /usr/local, though
it could just as easily be used for that.   I use /usr/local for those software
packages that I have access to the source code and may need to compile.  

Another thing to consider.  By default, there are few people who reserve space
for /opt either in / or as a separate partition.  It's not really a problem for
those who allocate a huge root partition and nothing else, but if we go by
precident, I think there'd be a large number of people very surprised to find
their / partitions (mine is about 100MB) filled up.

So, I definitely agree with Junichi's statement.

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