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Re: [kde] setting an /opt precedent

On Thursday 17 January 2002 11:37 am, Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:
> > It should - but as of my current base-files, it does not.  /opt should be
> > created as the FHS calls for it to be for third party software.  KDE is
> > not third party software in Debian.
> So it seems you were the smart person who thought "add-on" in FHS
> necessarily meant "third party" although there is not the slightest
> implication of such a thing in FHS itself.
You make an interesting point - the FHS very clearly states: "Distributions 
may install software in /opt..." It also calls the restrictions placed on 
distributions using /opt "minor."

I suppose the closest thing Debian has to add-on software would be packages 
with priority optional or extra.

I agree that installing KDE into /opt sucks, and (technical implementation 
problems aside) while it does not violate the FHS, it violates my sense of 

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