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Re: pcmcia-modules in woody

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:

> Is there anyone else out there who maintains packages in base and yet
> is ignorant of the basics of how testing works after a more than a
> full year of the existance of that branch of debian? This is really
> distressing, no wonder we're not making any progress on the freeze.

Hmm ... Well, I was aware of how frozen worked, but testing is not
well documented.  At least, it is not well documented on my system.
An explanation of what comprises "testing" appears in a couple of
places, but an explanation of how it works is lacking.  A search I
performed using "zgrep -i -n -e testing /usr/share/doc/debian*/*
/usr/share/doc/debian*/*/*" turned up exactly one sentence about how
"testing" works, and that sentence had very few details.

How am I suppose to learn about these changes in the way things are done
if they are not documented?  I work on Debian only when I can find the
time.  I'm too busy to follow every little thread on the mailing lists,
where there tends to be too much noise and stupid babble to get much
useful information.  I seem to remember a thread or two about the new
archive scheme a while ago, but they contained too much off-topic junk
and BS for me to follow intelligently.

> Have you ever looked at update-excuses even?

*shrug* Huh?  Please enlighten me.

- Brian

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