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Re: /dev/plex86 permissions

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002 00:28, Robert Millan wrote:
> > > Currently /dev/plex86 defaults to mode 666 on devfs.  Is this really
> >
> > desired?
> >
> > > Perhaps we should have a plex86 group and make the device node default
> >
> > to
> >
> > > mode 660 and group plex86?
> >
> > I would say that it should default to 600 and be adjusted by the local
> > admin.  Or is it possible for plex86 to set things up correctly at
> > installation time by dropping a config file under /etc/devfs/conf.d?
> Running Plex86 as root is likely dangerous and in any case
> severely discouraged, so I don't see why an admin would want to have
> /dev/plex86 chmod'ed 600, restricting Plex86 usage to the superuser.

The idea is to have device nodes mode 600 until the administrator has decided 
who should access it.

> Russel, I can see some conffiles in /etc/devfs/conf.d but they don't
> belong to the devfsd package. Shouldn't i provide them myself?

Sure you can.

> I guess this is the proper line to do so:
> REGISTER plex86   PERMISSIONS root.plex86  0660

Yes, that will work.

> Also policy specifies that the MAKEDEV script should be used
> when a package needs device files. Are you sure if devfsd is
> policy-compliant?

I should have written a policy update for this, but lacked enough time before 
the freeze.

MAKEDEV should NEVER be used on a devfs mount point.  Any time you have to 
use mknod on devfs (for anything other than /dev/xconsole) then there's a 
serious bug (either in the script or in the kernel).

> Upstream does it with mknod. Is it possible to create the plex86
> device with MAKEDEV? In case it is i don't know how to do it
> with MAKEDEV, someone could enlighten me?

Sure it is, IFF you don't use devfs.

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