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ITP: libtar - c library for manipulating tar archives

The ITP is in the BTS as #128042

libtar is available from http://www-dev.cso.uiuc.edu/libtar/ its under
the original 4 clause BSD license

My understanding is that it is DFSG free and conforms to Brandons
proposed policy changes as outlined

There are no immediate packages that require libtar, i want to use it
for a project im working, but tar is a pretty basic tool and i believe
having a C library to manipulate tar archives will come in handy.

Its the first libary ive packaged, i ended up redoing the build system
to use libtool to generate the shared and static libraries. the shared
library is made using -fPIC, but im not sure about the static library.
Policy states that static libraries cannot be built using -fPIC, i dont
understand what libtool does to make the static library, thats about the
only thing i see is holding it up at this stage.

If anyone want to have a look, its at
http://people.debian.org/~bug1/libtar/ feedback most welcome.


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