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Re: /dev/plex86 permissions

Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:

> Currently /dev/plex86 defaults to mode 666 on devfs.  Is this really desired?
> Perhaps we should have a plex86 group and make the device node default to 
> mode 660 and group plex86?

	Note to people who are unfamiliar with devfs..

        Access modes for files come from two locations:

        1. The kernel, from the code that creates the entry

        2. From devfsd

        The kernel has no knowledge of groups, and does not want to
        set any policy, so the only thing the kernel can do is make
        the gid be 0.

        That means /dev/plex86 has to default to u=rw,go= (just about
        equal to ug=rw,o=), or to ugo=rw (which I understand is
        unwanted). Then devfsd can chgrp it and set it to be g+rw.

        What does the kernel code currently register as the default

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