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Bug#128077: Please mention native source packages in maint-guide

Package: maint-guide
Severity: wishlist

On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 02:45:17PM -0800, Yves Arrouye wrote:

> > > if test -d build -a build != source; then rm -f -r build; fi
> > >  dpkg-source -b icu
> > > dpkg-source: warning: source directory `./icu' is not
> > > <sourcepackage>-<upstreamversion> `icu-2.0'
> > > dpkg-source: building icu in icu_2.0-1.tar.gz
> > > dpkg-source: building icu in icu_2.0-1.dsc
> > 
> > Why is icu a Debian native package?
> What do you mean by "Debian native"?

A Debian native source package is one which has no .diff.gz, because the
Debian source code and the upstream source code are the same thing.  This
means that the source tarball contains a debian/ directory with the
necessary packaging infrastructure.  This configuration is used for packages
such as dpkg and apt which are developed specifically for Debian.

 - mdz

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