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RE: .dsc not generated during package build?

> > if test -d build -a build != source; then rm -f -r build; fi
> >  dpkg-source -b icu
> > dpkg-source: warning: source directory `./icu' is not
> > <sourcepackage>-<upstreamversion> `icu-2.0'
> > dpkg-source: building icu in icu_2.0-1.tar.gz
> > dpkg-source: building icu in icu_2.0-1.dsc
> Why is icu a Debian native package?

What do you mean by "Debian native"?

> Interesting; it looks like dpkg-buildpackage passed 'icu' to dpkg-source
> as
> the directory name, and dpkg-buildpackage gets the directory name directly
> from running pwd, at least in the current version.  What happens when you
> run /bin/pwd in that directory?  It should definitely show .../icu-2.0,
> not
> .../icu.

Yes. /bin/pwd gives icu-2.0, whilst the zsh pwd gives icu, as expected.

Oh well. I'll see if I can track this down. For now I am happy I can do my
packaging :)


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