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Re: Theory

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 07:11:17PM +0100, Robert J?rdens wrote:
> - What do statistics about the CD/FTP ratio say? Are CDs still so
>   important, that we need definite and long-lasting identical
>   images/distros? True: floating release is nothing for CDs. Having 5
>   different versions of a package on each set of CDs is not very
>   productive. [But then again: We might become the first distro that
>   only fits on 5 DVDs. That would make us the "largest distro in size"
>   for ever. ;-]

Statistics? What statistics? CD may not be important in the US where you can
download forever for free but in countries where download costs real $$
(20c/MB) CD's are an extremely important method of distribution.

> - Anonymised (!!!!) registration of every installed package on systems
>   wich install from the net should not be to difficult (Yes, on a
>   voluntary base; registering its usage is more difficult - and I don't
>   want it for my systems; or simply take it from download statistics).
>   Then we have something like a machine_installation_days variable for
>   the packages. This alone would have huge implications but would give
>   us a rough figure about usage.

Have you looked at the popularity-contest? It gives some idea of what
packages people have installed and which they are actually using.
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