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Re: CHECK BEFORE YOU RETITLE Re: Processed: Retitling...

> Hi Adam,
> it seems you misunderstood what Uwe was doing: He did only add the package
> descriptions to the WNPP bugs, IOW he changed e.g.
>   ITA: gtml
> to
>   ITA: gtml -- An HTML pre-processor
> or
>   O: wmf
> to
>   O: wmf -- Web Mail Folder
> These changes are visible e.g. in the wookly work-needing packages report
> or at the WNPP pages at [1]. Uwe never intended to adopt any of these
> packages.


He did change some ITA to O - I have no idea why... IMHO, the 
difference b/w

 ITA: gtml


 ITA: gtml -- An HTML pre-processor

is trivial.. There should be no reason to do that especially 
that the package is ITA: for a few days... And generally adding 
a comment to something like:

"Just changing the title to be more readable - not attempting to 

would suffice.

IMHO, retitling to ITA: without explanation is seen as an attemp 
to adopt a package..

Adam Majer

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