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Re: Still no fam in Woody

Petter Reinholdtsen, on 2002-01-05, 22:49, you wrote:
>     * fam/hppa unsatisfiable Depends: libstdc++3 (>=
>       1:3.0.3-0pre011215) ['gcc-3.0']
      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ see below...

> Why is it still not included in Woody?  Several kde and gnome packages
> depend on this package, and it would be nice if it make it into Woody
> soon.

Why does nearly any KDE package depend on FAM?
> I do not understand the unsatisfiable depend error.  The program was
> successfully compiled on hppa.  Is the problem gcc-3.0 >=
> 3.0.3-0pre011214 missing in Woody?  This seem to be a problem on arm
> and m68k, and should not affect hppa, or am I mistaken?

The problem is that FAM does only on hppa depend on libstdc++3 for on
that arch there is no gcc-2.9x. The buildd runs on unstable. The libstdc++3
version there 3.0.3-1 (would fit) but its version in testing is 3.0.2-4.
And since gcc-3 is out of date on other arches this situation will last
on it seems. A solution were to compile FAM against the testing libstdc++3
and reupload but I dunno if such is possible.

Regards, Joerg (maintainer of fam)

Joerg "joergland" Wendland
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