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Re: NFS Servers, deadlocks and symlinks

Hi elf!

You wrote:

> I'll start with the question(s) for the impatient.  Is anyone
> experiencing deadlocks between nfs-kernel-server and ext3?  How about

No, not at all. Using 2.4.17 on potato+bunk. 

> Starting back on the original project, the Etherboot finally succeeded
> The next discovery was that the newly network-booted machine was
> experiencing NFS errors complaining about too many symlinks.  It's
> root filesystem is mounted from server:/tftpboot/seashore which is a
> symlink to /a/dev/sde1/seashore.  I wouldn't expect this to be a
> problem.  Should I?

No, this shouldn't be a problem. I use the same here
(server:/tftpboot/www.xxx.yyy.zzz symlinked to
/export/netboot/machinename). That works quite well.

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