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Re: EURO and CENT signs in the console keymaps

> However, I tend to spend most of the year living in the Netherlands,
> which is one of the countries adopting the Euro, and there's no Euro
> symbol in the fonts used by en_AU. I don't speak Dutch, so there's not much 
> point setting LANG to nl, nl_NL or whatever.  And there's no en_NL@euro. In 
> fact, for English speakers, there's only en_IE@euro. Sure, the UK hasn't 
> adopted the Euro, but is it inconceivable that English speakers of non-Euro 
> countries might need to use the Euro symbol?

Sure, we havent adopted the euro *yet* (just you wait...), but i'd
really like to use an en_GB with euro support. So that I can get my £
sign (unavailable in C). Is this possible, i suppose i could use en_IE
as the Irish have switched.

Rob 'robster' Bradford
Chief Editor/Lead developer

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