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Re: Bug#127461: ITP: SkunkWeb - An extensible and easy to use web application server

On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 15:50, Dave Swegen wrote:
> package: wnpp
> severity: wishlist
> License: GPL v2
> URL: http://skunkweb.sourceforge.net
> Description:
> SkunkWeb is a web application server written in python. It enables easy
> use of components and templates using a combination of python, HTML, and
> its own markup language STML. Components can output HTML or python
> objects.
> It provides an easy and powerful component caching mechanism, as well as
> providing for remote component inclusions. It can be run using either
> either its own http server, or can be called from apache using an apache
> extension module.
I spent ages talking to the developers to try and get them to make their
build system at all FHS compliant, so that i could then package it. I
deliberately did not ITP it due to massive packaging headaches prior to
the changes. I hope you succeed in creating a great package from it. It
is a really nice app, contact me if you need help testing the package.

I had hoped on using it for some development work over at Debian Planet.

Have fun...

Rob 'robster' Bradford
Chief Editor/Lead developer

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