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Bug#127167: Python2.1 ceval.c error.

Package: General 
Version: 20011231
Severity: important

After upgrading to Squishdot 1.3, Python and Zope were upgraded.  When
trying to
post an article, I receive an error on server:

/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/Squishdot# python2.1:
../Python/ceval.c:687: eval_code2: Assertion `(stack_pointer -
f->f_valuestack) <= f->f_stacksize' failed.

On client I get "Connection Refused" in browser.  Other functionality
Zope/Squishdot are fine.

Thank You,

Chris Yeun

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Kernel Version: Linux cy-debian 2.4.17 #1 Wed Dec 26 18:14:27 PST 2001
i586 unknown

Python 2.1.1-7   
Zope 2.4.2-0.2
Squishdot 1.3.0-1

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