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Re: L10n of Debconf templates

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 01:59:33AM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> there are 2 ways for a package maintainer to deal with l10n-ed Debconf
> templates: either put all translations in a single file, or separate each
> language in its own template file.
> The former has a severe drawback, because when English text is modified,
> there is no flag to tell that translated text is outdated, and translators
> won't notice.
> So it would be really nice if package maintainers do follow the latter,
> and learn to play with Debconf goodies (debconf-getlang, debconf-mergetemplate,
> dh_installdebconf).
> If my figure are right, 258 source packages have translated Debconf templates,
> but only 71 in separate files.

and if my figure are right, we have a lot of open bug reports with
translated Debconf templates (see

In reality we need a framework for this translations... like the
DDTP/DDTS. IMHO this all is not the task of a package maintainer.

He don't know all the languages, he must ask for a update all the times
after a change, he must search proofreaders for all the languages, He
must track bugs and improvments in the translation, ...
This can make all a good framework.

We can add other parts to DDTS (like debconf templates), but 
 - Now I have no time 
   (btw: maybe someone will take over my package cupsomatic-ppd?)
 - debconf templates are more difficult (sometimes you need more
   knowledge for a translation)
 - We have some translated templates in the packages, some in the
   Debian-BTS, ...
 - Somebody must write a mail-parser and a 'update' client
 - Maybe we must rewrite more parts of the DDTS, the DDTS is now very
   package description centric

I have this all on my todo list. But I will make this all, after the
pdesc is 'finished'. (not really finished, but I have some open
TODO-Points on my list...)

If someone will help, write a mail...

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer      http://www.debsupport.de
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