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Re: An alarming trend (no it's not flaimbait.) (fwd)

> cause the package to fail more and more in more common usage. Debian updated
> it's version of mkisofs, and thus IT broke CDRToaster. As such this is now in

  I wonder how this could happen in the first place: if CDRToaster
depended properly on mkisofs version <= whatever, then upgrading
mkisofs should remove CDRToaster.
  Another thing I must ask: did those people you (Brian) claimed chose
RedHat because "debian packages are so old" choose RH because _potato_
is so old or because packages in woody/sid are too old?
  Packages in potato are really old, but that is by policy. And
_please_ do not change that policy! Not changing stable release vesion
numbers is perhaps the greatest asset Debian has. Look at RedHat or
SuSE, for example, they release a new "version" every few months (and
at least SuSE 7.2 does not provide a clean way to upgrade). That
assures they can release new versions more frequently than Debian,
_but_ it also means a lot more maintenance both on the distributor's
side (fixing bugs in several versions of a software - possibly with
different libraries even) and on user's side.
  A nice way to get those people, who claim Debian is so old (which is
true), to use Debian could be this: Add one distribution to the
current stable-testing-unstable. For example
stable-bleeding_edge-testing-unstable. The new distro would basically
be a snapshot of testing or unstable with official boot disks and CD
images. It could get minor version numbers and be released, for
example, twice a year.
  This might be bad for Debian's reputation in some people's minds but
in my opinion that would simply be answering the users' call. No sane
person (I think) would want such a snapshot on a server - especially
since there would be no security updates - but many people seem to want
new and fancy, bleeding edge programs on their workstations.
Especially since stable's XFree has problems with the newer video cards
and probably USB, too.
  Just a few thoughts...

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