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Re: mobo recommendations for building a cheap X-Terminal


Quoting Philip Brown (phil@bolthole.com):
> except they werent "in the body". They were in an attachment of type
> message/rfc822
> Which is comprised of HEADERS+BODY
> So if you saw it as "in the body", it means YOUR mailer is broken, and not
> interpreting objects of type mesage/rfc822 correctly.

according to rfc822:
message     =  fields *( CRLF *text )       ; Everything after
                                            ;  first null line
                                            ;  is message body

These headers were in the message body. If they are in a seperate message,
attached to your email, it should not be machine-parsed or used in the
regular ways headers _are_ used (Cc, reply-to, etc), and they are of no use.
I'm not saying you can't include these headers in an attachment. I'm saying
that including headers, meant to be parsed by a MUA/MTA, and included this
way, can only be informational. 
Your headers were meant to be used by the recieving MUA (at
least they very much made the impression they were meant to), and they were
not in the header section. Any mailer that doesn't use those headers is
working correctly, as you can't add headers to a message, in a seperate
attachment, part of the body/message content.

Anyone that feels like replying; please do it offlist, as d-devel already
gets enough nitpicking bullshit-email as it is.


p.s. Any mailer that shows these headers as headers is broken, as message
content (i.e. the stuff _after_ the CRLF after the headers) should not be
allowed to influence the headers displayed.
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