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Bug#124319: ITP: boot-icons - Display boot progress using graphical icons

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

there was some discussion on d-d about changing the boot messages
to show status without having to read everything.
well, on many machines this is not neccessary:
there already is an area of the screen which can be used for it:
when using framebuffer, the first 80 rows are not used for text display,
but only for the linux logo. that area can be used to show boot status

Description: Display boot progress using graphical icons
 This Package modifies the boot progress to show small graphics
 in the non-scrolling area of the screen (at the top, next to
 the Linux penguin).
 For this to work, it needs kernel-level framebuffer support.

upstream author is me, license is gpl, testpackage is at

i don't want to include this package in woody!
some bugs (in other packages) need to be resolved first.
(#55143 and #122169)


ah, yes: the icons provided by this package are sub-optimal,
feel free to create better ones and send them to me ;)

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