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Re: [kmail] yes, it's stuffed (bug 123337)

IIan Eure wrote:

> On Wednesday 12 December 2001 04:50 am, Daniel Stone wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm getting a great many messages telling me that kmail and knode are
>> both stuffed in 2.2.2-5. By simple empirical evidence, this appears to
>> be correct; however I did not compile 2.2.2-5 myself (it was sponsored),
>> so it may be a bad compile/upload on that person's behalf.
> fyi, both kmail & knode 2.2.2-5 work fine for me.... i'm sending this with
> kmail right now. :)
> woody box, current as of yesterday. i'm using yesterday's kde packages
> from sid.

So far three of the people reporting this have been on K6 type processors.  Are others on K6 
boxes seeing this problem too.  What about K7 or P2, P3 and P4?

The problem seems to happen with kmail, knode, korn, kppp, kdict and maybe kdessh.  Packages
from Dec 9 and later are borked.  

Ed Tomlinson 

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