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THANK YOU! was Re: Need some shell scripting help

Great set of replies!!! WOW!

However, the one I most wanted to be the answer, because it was only 3
keystrokes to fix, was Clint Adams suggestion of:

     done < <(ls)

Which only works for bash and not for sh. Darn ;-)

I should have figured out the pipes answer, but for some reason tried
almost every other wrong syntax you might think of... The for statement is
nice too, but for some reason I find while more pleasing ;-)

I also appreciate the discussion of find as an alternative to ls (as well
as globbing and print) as they were all great ways to get me out of my
problem set (rut).

The script in question allows the tarball for "Dwarf's Guide ..." to be
reduced from 2.74 MEG to 572 K, by creating the .ps image files at build
time instead of delivering them in the tarball. Thanks for the patch guys,
I've added you to the CREDITS file that will appear in the next release.
(It was getting too crowded in the changelog...)

As always, this old fart appreciates the education.


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