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Re: arm build daemon does not find sources

On Sat, Dec 15, 2001 at 01:32:16PM +0000, Phil Blundell wrote:
> >Anyway if I reupload the same version of the package, does arm
> >build daemon reconsider the build and find the sources?
> You don't need to take any action.  "Giving back" means that it will
> try the build again.

Are you sure?

The reported logs are as follows:

   * Tue 04 Dec 2001 17:03: given-back
   * Tue 04 Dec 2001 17:11: given-back
   * Wed 05 Dec 2001 01:08: given-back
   * Wed 05 Dec 2001 01:13: given-back
   * Wed 05 Dec 2001 09:39: given-back

5 tries in a few days and then nothing else.
Seems that the build daemon has given up the build.

Anyway I'm wondering how I can solve the problem: why the arm build
daemon does not find the sources?


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