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Re: Debian menus policy

Erik Steffl wrote:

>   ms win doesn't even have concept of managed content of system menu.

Well, sort of. They have the idea that every product you install (which
there usually aren't many of, because they tend to cost money) creates a
submenu under "Programs" and put all their stuff in there. Or if they
have only one program, they can just put it directly under "Programs" if
they like. This, of course, doesn't scale at all well, but for most
Windows users, it doesn't have to, because they have fairly few products

MS also have their "Programs->Accessories" submenu, which is subdivided
by application domain: "Communications", "Entertainment", "Multimedia",
and "System".

>   and from few times I used mac I don't think they have anything
> coherent either (do they?).

Not that I know of. In the old MacOS, you would just create icons on the
desktop for any apps you wanted to get to quickly (except for the
special little applets that went under the Apple menu). That also
doesn't scale well; you end up with a big mess on the desktop.

Okay, so maybe other OSs don't have that much to teach us about this,
except what _doesn't work, or what only works when you have very few


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