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Re: Debian menus policy

The Doctor What wrote:

> [Discussion about menu order]
> Unfortunately for this list, this isn't exactly something that can
> just be argued about. It needs to be tested in the real world
> against a variety of users:
> 1) Users who never used a computer, or had minimal experience
> 2) Windows Users
> 3) Mac Users
> 4) Ex-Gnome Users
> 5) KDE Users.
> Only a practical test will show what needs to be done.

That would be great. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of a
volunteer-run free-software project is that there isn't a lot of money
lying around to fund industrial research or focus group studies. Unless
anyone has any feasible ways of doing such testing in an organized
manner, I suspect that just doing our best and being responsive to the
feedback of real users is all we can do. It helps that we have a number
of quite divergent viewpoints here in this mailing list. Anything that
most of us find acceptable is probably going to be a decent start.

We can, of course, learn from published research that other people have
done, and from the views of users of the resulting systems (MacOS and MS
Windows being the most prominent ones). This is not to say that we would
or should end up cloning any pre-existing system, but at least it would
be some real data to consider while coming up with our own design.


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