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Re: Debian menus policy

Craig Dickson wrote:
> We can, of course, learn from published research that other people have
> done, and from the views of users of the resulting systems (MacOS and MS
> Windows being the most prominent ones). This is not to say that we would
> or should end up cloning any pre-existing system, but at least it would
> be some real data to consider while coming up with our own design.

  ms win doesn't even have concept of managed content of system menu.
the most that we can learn from is the mechanics of how the menu

  and from few times I used mac I don't think they have anything
coherent either (do they?). in fact debian menu system is pretty
revolutionary, as far as I can tell.

  I would think that we can learn more from e.g. systems that librarians
use (the decimal system). or some other categorazation systems, not sure
where to look.


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