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Re: ifupdown front-end

#include <hallo.h>
Sergio Rua wrote on Fri Dec 14, 2001 um 03:31:39PM:

> 	Yeah, cool. I've a little bash script with gdialog to configure
> 	but it have some deficiences like it allways overwrite previuos
> 	configurations and this isn't a nice stuff if you have more than
> 	one device configured.

Well, the user will be warned and the config file will be parsed in a
whise way. OTOH, we would require at least Perl - I hate working with
shell it things are becoming more and more complex. And it should not be
very complicated to config more than one interface. I imagine an
entrance menu (after warnings) showing all the devices in one list, with
comments in brackets. Something like:

eth0 (up, unchanged)
eth1 (up, changed config, not restarted)
eth2 (down, unconfigured)
eth4 (up, unchanged, not connected!)

If you "enter" one of the menu's, you get another menu with:

See kernel info

> 	I like gdialog because is use to use and provides a X/Gnome
> 	dialog but maybe, shell script is not the best way to program
> 	this utility.

I know. Any other ideas? We could use Perl and wrapping routines, which
provide transparent dialog-like access to perlmenu || libgtk-perl.

> > environment as well as in X/Gnome. Would you like to help on
> > designing/writting it?
> 	Of course. When you want to start? :)

End of the next week or so. Send me a reminder message.

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