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Re: ifupdown front-end


El día Dec/14/2001, Eduard Bloch escribía:

> > 	Is anybody working on a user oriented tool to manage ifupdown 
> > 	configurations?
> I considered to create somethink similar to pppoeconf, using dialog (or

	Yeah, cool. I've a little bash script with gdialog to configure
	but it have some deficiences like it allways overwrite previuos
	configurations and this isn't a nice stuff if you have more than
	one device configured.

> compatible: whiptail, gdialog), so the thing would work in the minimal

	I like gdialog because is use to use and provides a X/Gnome
	dialog but maybe, shell script is not the best way to program
	this utility.

> environment as well as in X/Gnome. Would you like to help on
> designing/writting it?

	Of course. When you want to start? :)


		Sergio Rua <srua@debian.org>

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