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Re: CD-RW Group, is "generic" always a CD Burner??? (Re: Bug#123550: perms: generic should be set)

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 17:22, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>     Russell> Also I believe that in most cases the authority needed to
>     Russell> burn a CD is different to that needed to read a CD.
>     Russell> Therefore the cdrom group would not be appropriate.
>     Russell> Maybe we need a cdrw group?
>  I'll second that suggestion.  It seems appropriate to me.  Can we
>  allocate another group?

Are you sure about that? I think the point is that it is your own stuff that 
goes into the cdrom, and whether you write to it doesn't make that much of a 
difference. If it where that way, we could as well have need for a group for 
read-only floppy-access.
Perhaps there is a case I oversee where it makes sense, can you give one?


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