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Re: Debian menus policy

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Michael Banck wrote:
> What if I have an application which does not need an option, but might
> be enhanced by adding one or two options?

Then you, as the maintainer, should do whatever you think is more sensate.

> Specifically, my 'jack' package rips&encodes a CD with just that
> command. 'jack -Q' will perform a FreeDB query before starting in order
> to name the files adequately. 'jack -q' make a FreeDB query after you
> ripped it, just renaming with the new information.
> Can I make a submenu for those two actions, or is this bad mannors?

I would prefer if you would tack in whichever is the safest one, and be done
with it.  But policy says nothing about the issue, so if you want to use a
submenu, there is probably no problem with that.

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