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Re: Making mutt more friendly towards site customizations

Sam Couter wrote:
> Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> wrote:
> > I agree with Marco that this is not a good idea. Not only because /etc
> > has already too many files, but also because this would force him to change
> > the manual in a radical way, and would make his work of updating the package
> > from upstream much harder.
> That's what maintainers do. They take on extra work, so that the users
> lives are easier.

Agreed. But in this particular case some user's lives might become
less easier if they have to change a lot of different files instead of
a single one. Ignore the "only" word I said if you like. The problem
about proliferating configuration files is not that "there are too many"
(ext2 is perfectly capable of storing them, of course), but the
consequences derived from it, namely, that you have to change several
of them instead of a single one to achieve the desired behaviour in
your program.

Mike's suggestion to modify mutt so that it looks for /etc/Muttrc.local
after /etc/Muttrc, without complaining if it does not exist, seems a
much better solution.

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