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Re: Making mutt more friendly towards site customizations

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 11:19:21AM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Mike's suggestion to modify mutt so that it looks for /etc/Muttrc.local
> after /etc/Muttrc, without complaining if it does not exist, seems a
> much better solution.

Actually, the reason this thread started (I beleive) is that the
gpg-related configuration stuff in /etc/Muttrc has changed several times
recently (thus triggering the dpkg alert).  I imagine that integrating
Mutt with other programs (like gpg) will generally continue to be a
moving target in the future, and it seems like the simplest solution to
this would be to split the gpg stuff into say, /etc/mutt/gpg.conf (or
whatever) and source that file in /etc/Muttrc.  I think the rest of the
stuff in /etc/Muttrc rarely changes, and this would IMHO provide a
slightly cleaner configuration layout.

But I suppose this could really be a matter of personal preference.
After all, in a perfect world it would be /etc/mutt.conf anyway... =)

Nathaniel W. Turner

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