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svgalib and SUID

What is the accepted method for apps that need svgalib access to get it?
One app in the datalink software uses the CRT to communicate with
datalink watches - and thus needs svgalib, but as far as I can tell, to
use svgalib an app needs to be SUID root (I couldn't find any reference
to svgalib wrappers in testing...).  So right now, the Datalink package
I made has made this executable owned by root.video and mode 4754 (as
per the debian policy on SUID programs).

My questions are:

-Is there a better (read: more secure) way to give a program access to
 the video card via svgalib at runtime?

-Is "video" a statically declard group that I can count on being there
 in any debian install (and where would I go to find out this kind of
 thing in the future).

-If this program must be SUID root, how do I "register" it so it is
 known to be kosher with the system (I have seen conflicting docs on
 this one, so I am not sure).

Steaphan Greene <sgreene@cs.binghamton.edu>
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