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behaviour of -doc packages

Hi !

I was wondering where -doc packages should put their documentation
files. Should the foo-doc package put them in /usr/share/doc/foo/ or in

I had a look at the different -doc packages that are installed on my
system. Most of them put their doc in /usr/share/doc/foo-doc/ but a few
one put their doc in /usr/share/doc/foo/.

I think it would be much better if all the -doc packages could behave
the same way. However, I didn't find anything in the policy saying where
these docs should be. So I guess there is no reason to file bug reports
against any of these packages.

Should I ask for something to be added to the policy?



foo-doc packages that put doc in /usr/share/doc/foo/:
   * apache-doc
   * dpkg-doc
   * perl-doc
   * tetex-doc

foo-doc packages that put doc in /usr/share/doc/foo-doc/:
   * kernel-doc
   * debiandoc-sgml-doc
   * glibc-doc
   * gnupg-doc
   * libgimpprint-doc
   * libgtk1.2-doc
   * lilo-doc
   * make-doc
   * ntp-doc
   * nut-doc
   * parted-doc
   * samba-doc

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