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Re: Bug#122529: ITP: planner-el -- The Emacs Planner


> planner.el currently stands in my prospective/ directory, mostly
> containing .el files that are candidates for inclusion in
> emacs-goodies-el or another package that's currently still cooking.
>   I didn't know that it required emacs-wiki.el.  If you can wait a few
> days, I can include both in emacs-goodies-el, unless you think it is
> justified to make a separate package.  In any case, tell me what you
> do, so that we can avoid duplicate work (and a file present in two
> packages).

I think that my elserv package wants to suggest emacs-wiki.
Except it, I don't have a special reason for wanting to make them
separate packages. I want to only use them on my debian machines.
Any Commnets?


bg66@debian.org bg66@koka-in.org
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