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Re: ITP: tetris -- a clone of the original tetris

Hi Michael!

> > A couple of years ago I got fed up with the lack of tetris games for Linux
> > that closely resembled the original tetris (The one written by Alexey
> > Pajitnov, Dmitry Pavlovsky, and Vadim Gerasimov), so I wrote one.
> I don't see how this is identical:

I said 'closely resemble', not identical (: If it we're identical it would
run in DOS and would be the same size, same author, etc.

> 1. Once you press space, the brick drops down immeadiatly, in the
> orginal it stops rushing down once you release 'down'.

No, that is incorrect. You can find the original tetris here in case you
don't remember (It's the home page of one of the authors).


> 2. Level 1 is far too fast. In the original, it's very slow.

That's because the original was dependant on the CPU speed.

> Well, I'm talking about tetris for GameBoy, you might have another
> version.

I'm sure that wasn't the original version. Back then, the GameBoy wasn't out

> I always wanted to write an identical to GameBoy tetris as a present for
> my father, because that was the only game he _ever_ played (and he
> played it often, when my sister's GameBoy was around :)
> You know what it takes, to make it run under Windows/DOS? (He hasn't got
> Linux, unfortunately)

It should be trivial if you have djgpp. If not, you'll have to change io.c
The rest is generic. If you know C, it should be trivial to port.



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