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Re: DVD and CSS access while installing

"David I. Lehn" <dlehn@vt.edu> writes:

> Hrm... I packaged Ogle too recently, just been a bit busy and slow at
> getting it online anywhere.  Are you just avoiding the MMX issue?
> Ogle's MPEG2 decoder doesn't have runtime acceleration detection
> support.  All done at compile time.  As I understand it you really need
> to make MMX specific and i386 specific packages?  The un-accelerated
> version is fairly useless in this case though.

I just compiled it with ./configure && make &&make install.  Will see
if there comes any bug reports about non-mmx.  But in principle there
should be a no-mmx variant.  Easy to make though (untested) with

> I noticed you also put up a52dec.  I packaged that a long while back.
> Still in the NM queue though... never got it in the archives.  It's at
> http://gstreamer.net/releases/debian/.  I have some updates to those not
> online yet.  Renamed liba52-dev to liba52-0-dev to get versioning to not
> conflict with a possible liba v52. ;)  Despite what the upstream
> maintainer walken (hi!) thinks about shared libs, I think they should be
> provided as well.  That static lib dev package only thing is lame.

Well, I'll not put as muck effort in as changing to shred library
etc.  I just made it because ogle needs it.

> While asking about the liba52-0-dev name thing on debian-mentors the
> netbsd libac3 issue came up.  They have removed all traces (I think) of
> AC-3 and A/52 code due to legal threats.  I think other Debian packages
> (Xine?, VideoLAN?) have copies or other implmentations of libac3 or
> liba52 already though.  I haven't gotten around to asking -legal about
> it yet.  But since you're already uploading the packages, this issue
> should be looked at soon.

Didn't know about leagal stuff and the soud.  Sigh.  Well, it was not
mentioned on the cannot-package page, and I had no idea.  But I guess
troup et al knows more and that'll keep it in incoming.  I guess I
should post to d-leagal about this...

Anyway, when you are in the NM queue, it's quite OK to make a formal
ITP if you wish.  And hopfully find a sponsor.  If you are interested
in these packages (and they don't get rejected), you can have the
packages later.  I just wanted the to get available ASAP.


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